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    From the bright spark of an idea...


    We create, develop, edit and format: concepts, pitches and screenplays

    From treatment to shooting draft...

    No money, no movie!


    We budget your projects and create finance plans for cashflow and investment

  • It's all about the story... and the money!

    Some power-lifting people within the film- and media industry just need a pitch. Even a pitch needs to be right. Some would like to see a screenplay, and the screenplay needs to be right, too, in the correct format, no mistakes. Some need to see talent attached, and...maybe finances! Let's get that ball rolling.


    Yes, Rosemilk Films has produced a few feature films and we love to develop, sell and create... most of the time in this order. We gladly, help with only one section of your project, as well. We can help to develop the mega idea into the mega projects. We can help with showing numbers and estimates to financiers, or we can just lend a help with producing and organising your shoot!


    Datsche is a comedy about the new German ‘Wilkommenskultur’, about people who come to Germany and don’t expect it to be so German, and about Germans who don’t expect the rest of the world to be quite so un-German.


  • Das Wassup

    Das Wassup was completed in 2017 and awarded with Best Feature Documentary at ManIFF and the Silver European Film Prize. It features the band Yo Majesty on their trials and tribulations to a breakthrough in the music industry, filmed by director Johannes Schaff over 7 years in 7 countries.

  • Stanley - A Man of Variety

    Stanley enjoys watching classic British films and TV shows from the 1960/70’s. He finds himself in prison and after many years in solitary confinement his quest to see his daughter for her 16th birthday becomes his obsession. He begins to talk to his comedy heroes from the past as each one tries to help him remember what he has done.

  • Interview / streets to art

    London, Berlin, NYC. Contemporary Art. Interviews with Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Futura, Swoon, Jeffrey Deitch, Jonathan Meese, and many more.

    What is art, and why do you do it?

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    Great investment opportunities!

  • Rosemilk & Me



    Jules Gladys

    Jules wrote and directed many documentaries, before founding Rosemilk Ltd. She wrote and developed many feature films, produced a comedy film, and documentaries, such as Das Wassup (won Best Documentary Feature ManIFF 2017).

    Jules works for a few companies in the fields of: development (script editing), budgeting and financing. She studied MA film making at LFS (London) and screenwriting at the Scriptfactory (London). She wrote, directed and produced for online platforms, using a pseudonym.


    "Still writing on my giant memoir, I'm currently out pitching & taking pitches;)"


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